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Thirteen years

Just a quick note that yesterday, May 12, was Hikari no Kiseki's thirteenth birthday. We're old.

Posted By: StarCreator13 May 2014 
Twelth anniversary

Today marks the twelth anniversary of Hikari no Kiseki's first release. At this point there isn't much more that we can do other than note the occasion. This year saw an episode of Ask Dr. Rin released, largely thanks to the efforts of our friends at Live-eviL, and it certainly won't be the last if we can help it. I'm sure most have moved on by this point but for those still sticking around, I still hope to have our existing projects finished when we are able.

Posted By: StarCreator12 Sep 2013 
Twelve years

Yesterday, May 12 was, among other things, Hikari no Kiseki's twelfth birthday. Just in case anyone was still keeping track! Some logistic issues prevented things originally planned for this day from panning out, but stay tuned!

Posted By: StarCreator13 May 2013 
Eleventh anniversary

Today, September 12, is the 11th anniversary of Hikari no Kiseki's first release. At this point I don't have much to add besides reassurance that I am still committed to completing our remaining projects, albeit very slowly. Thanks for sticking with us!

Posted By: StarCreator12 Sep 2012 
Eleven years...

It's worth noting that Hikari no Kiseki's 11th birthday passed over the weekend, on May 12. While we do not normally give this day special treatment, I did want to note that despite our long hiatus, we remain committed to completing our ongoing projects, however long it will take, unless they are picked up for commercial distribution in the US.

Posted By: StarCreator14 May 2012 
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